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04 Oct FREE Office Furniture Layout for Malaysia and Singapore Company
leif 0 54
Good news! We are providing FREE office furniture layout for company in Malaysia  and Singapore now!All you need to do is provide us:1. New or current office floor plan2. Specified size of furniture ..
03 Oct MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2021
leif 0 33
The MIFF Furniture Design Competition (MIFF FDC) celebrates the creative spirit of design and to uncover young talent to support Malaysia’s thriving furniture industry. Organised each year since 2010 ..
31 Aug What Does a “Fun” Office Look Like in the COVID Era?
0 147
It can feel a little strange to talk about the importance of fun when the news can feel so grave and depressing each day.But in many ways, the idea of a “fun” workplace has become even more important ..
31 Aug How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity
0 163
When we look for ways to boost productivity, we often think of tools: automation technologies to save time, concentration strategies like the Pomodoro Technique, and so on. However, recent research ha..