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SMART TOP was made known for its devotion to the outstanding products – the compression-molded tabletops and chair seats. It’s an innovative and unceasing development with a cutting-edge design from top to bottom. The capability of SMART TOP to understand and accomplish its business’ needs with their products is impressive. It will be as if it’s “love at first sight”.


SMART TOP is a step ahead with the revolutionary innovative product features that represent more than just a modern design. SMART TOP’s vision is to innovate excellent products that last.

Cement Versilia Walnut Plano
Form Model Size(mm) Qty / Carton Carton Dimension(mm) NW(kg) GW(kg) M3 Qty / 1 x 20
ST700SQ 700x700x15 4 710x710x72 27.60 28.60 0.036 3080 pcs
ST915SQ 915x915x15 2 925x925x36 19.20 21.20 0.031 1800 pcs
ST700/1200 700x1200x15 2 710x1210x36 23.60 25.00 0.031 1800 pcs
ST600R 600x15 4 610x610x72 16.00 17.00 0.027 4140 pcs
ST800R 800x15 4 710x710x72 21.60 22.60 0.036 3080 pcs
ST915R 915x15 2 925x925x36 16.20 18.20 0.031 1800 pcs

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