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Mesh Office Chair

ARRIA Lowback Mesh Chair ARRIA Lowback Mesh Chair
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Introducing the ARRIA Lowback Mesh Chair - the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality for your office. This sleek black office chair is designed to enhance your workspace while providing the support you need. The mesh backrest ensures breathability, keeping you cool during long hours at..
ASH mesh chair come out with white frame and has a unique design that able to fit several types of environment...
An outstanding highback mesh office chair with great comfort and support is the BC3 Highback Chair. The backrest of this chair is made of breathable mesh, which allows for good airflow and keeps you cool and comfortable all day. The highback design gives your full back enough support, reducing the t..
RM455.00 RM782.00
A breathable mesh backrest on the BC3 Midback Office Chair allows for optimum ventilation and airflow, keeps you cool and comfortable even after extended periods of sitting. Those who are frequently spending time at a desk will find the chair to be the perfect choice due to its adjustable height and..
RM399.00 RM718.00
Searching for an office chair that is comfy and trendy, also ideal for prolonged sitting? The CARUS Midback Mesh Chair is the solution. With your comfort in mind, this chair has a breathable mesh backrest and a contoured seat that fits your body perfectly and offer great support. The elegant and sop..
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