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FREE Office Furniture Layout

FREE Office Furniture Layout
FREE Office Furniture Layout
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Good news! We are providing FREE office furniture layout for company in Malaysia and Singapore now!

All you need to do is provide us:

1. New or current office floor plan

2. Specified size of furniture needed (for example: 2 set of 8 feet director set, 3 set of cluster of 6 workstation with table size 1500x700mm, 2 manager set of 1800x800mm, 1 set of 6bay compactor, )

3. Specified direction or requirement of these furniture.

And we will provide you:

1. Office furniture layout and consultation

2. Design consultation

3. Resources for starting your business - business licensing, company secretary, tax consultation, office equipment, local and foreign placement, and etc!

Place order for your FREE office furniture layout now!

For any inquiry, feel free to contact us here.

Have you just bought a new office room or thinking about upgrading your office area but not sure about how to utilize the space completely efficiently? Don't worry; we got your covered! Our team of experts at MYND Furniture is enthusiastic about creating a perfect space for your office with practical usage of every corner and arranging furniture according to your needs and demands. With our free office furniture layout Malaysia, you only need to provide our team of experts with your new of current office floor construction plan and your minimum requirement of the furniture (such as two director desks, ten workstations tables of a specific size, etc.) and fill us up on your other demands such as particular direction or size of these furniture.

Once you provide us with the vital information about your furnishing requirements, we will update you with an office furniture layout and consultation with every step to help you improvise your design for the office space. We will also assist you with the resources required for starting your business, such as business licensing, office equipment, tax consultation, etc. With our eye-catching and high-quality office furniture designed to provide a high degree of comfortability, enjoy your working hours without having any kind of lower back pain or sore neck.

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