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Sofa / Waiting Seat

Every home or business would benefit from the CHOCO Lowback Swivel Lounge Chair. The chair's low backrest and upholstered frame are features that are intended to maximise comfort and relaxation. The high-quality material chosen for the chair's frame is made with longevity and durability in mind. The..
Three upholstered lounge chairs and a wooden coffee table are parts of the ANAYA Café Set, which can help your clients feel comfortable and at home. The ANAYA Café Set is a great option for those seeking for both comfort and style due to its contemporary and minimalist design, which gives a touch of..
The ANAYA Tea Set is the excellent place to unwind and have a discussion with your loved ones since it comes with a wooden coffee table and an upholstered lounge chair with wooden legs. The ANAYA Tea Set is a wonderful addition to any home with a variety of interiors thanks to its contemporary and m..
A sleek and practical piece of furniture, the ASHTON Armless Sofa is great for any living room or lounge area. This one-seater sofa is ideal for those who value contemporary design due to its clean, modern appearance. It is suitable for tiny living rooms due to its armless form, which creates a feel..
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