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ISOTOP Table Top

At ISOTOP, each product is a testament of our dedication and craftsmanship to our global customers. We seek to capture your creativity through the art of modern tabletop designs. Whether you prefer the warmth of wood grains, the charm of stones, the simplicity of solid colours, or your own customised design. Our diverse selection

will suit your every need, concept and budget. Our further optimised manufacturing process and various carefully selected materials are used in the science of ISOTOP tabletops – such as plantation wood chips, resin and specialty  additives are formulated and precisely moulded under high pressure and temperature, with a durable surface laminate to withstand the daily impacts encountered. Our high density tabletop edges are seamlessly fully laminated during the moulding process, giving it a smooth and tough resistance. Experience the tangible difference with our tabletops that are manufactured to the highest quality standards. By combining the confidence of art and science, we strive to provide innovative solutions for the growing commercial market.


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