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TOLIX Low Back Bar Chair (R)

TOLIX Low Back Bar Chair (R)
TOLIX Low Back Bar Chair (R)
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  • Model: 8K10022

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The tolix low back chair is the perfect chair for your office cafeterias, banquet halls and reception lounges. You could pair it with a discussion table and it is the perfect sit out space. The height of the tolix chair makes you feel comfortable and the low back support of the chair is good for a short time chat or a meeting.

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The back of this chair is low and supports your lower back helping you to sit erect without hinging forward. This is made up of metal and the ridges add an extra edge of finesse to the craft of this chair.

It looks classy and professional when places at a high rise console unit or a cafeteria counter. This tolix low back adds a character due to the height variation from the rest of the chairs in the room.


Product NameTOLIX Low Back Bar Chair
Model Code8K10022
ColorBlack, Yellow, Green, Red, White, Dark Grey, Blue, Orange, Silver
MaterialMild Steel
Product SizeW430 x D430 x H860mm x SH750mm

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