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VARGA Stone Top Dining Table

VARGA Stone Top Dining Table
VARGA Stone Top Dining Table
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A gorgeous piece of furniture, the VARGA Stone Top Dining Table is sure to enhance the appearance of any dining room. The table is the ideal focal point for family occasions or dinner parties due to its rounded shape and exquisite design, which generates a feeling of warmth and intimacy. The surface is composed of premium marble or stone, giving it an opulent appearance and a long-lasting finish that will withstand regular use. 

The VARGA Dining Table's stone top is its most distinctive element. The table has a particular, one-of-a-kind appearance that is both elegant and stylish due to the inherent differences in the stone's colour and texture. The stone top is a practical option for busy households since it's incredibly simple to maintain and clean. The VARGA Stone Top Dining Table is offered in a variety of finishes to suit your taste, whether you prefer a traditional white marble or a more dramatic black stone.

The VARGA Stone Top Dining Table includes a stunning top in addition to a strong base that offers excellent support and stability. It is intended to go well with the sophisticated style of the tabletop. The roundness of the table also facilitates easy discussion and a casual, cosy dining experience.

Product NameVARGA Stone Top Dining Table
ColorBlack Legs, White Top
MaterialMetal, Stone
Overall Size800 x 800 x H760mm

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