Work From Home (WFH) was pretty stranger phrase for us previously, but starting 2020 it became our new normal due to the war with Covid 19. Let us find out what are the best furniture for you to work from home!

1. Space available at home

You will need to find a space available for working at home, with enough source of light, or you can put a table lamp for working. A minimal space of 1200 x 1200mm is required for putting a simple table and chair for working.

2. Get the right chair

We always working dining table, but you should understand that dining chair is not designed for long-hour sitting. An ergonomic chair that give you good back support would help you concentrate at work with ease. Ergonomic office chair taking care of 3 important points: adjustable height, lumber support, and swivel base.

Adjustable Height: The chair should be able to adapt to your height and comfortable for you to work for long hour.

Lumber Support: Sitting is the new cause of different pain, so we need ergonomic chair to support our back and neck properly.

Swivel base: This feature is to avoid your body to be stiff after sitting for period of time, and let you able to get into the seat easily too.

3. Bigger table is better
The recommended size of a standard office table is 1200mm width, 600mm depth and 750mm height, but bigger table is always better if you have the space for it. If you want to better posture for working, get a height adjustable table to find the best height for you to work, and occasionally work standing is good for your health too!

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